Frequently Answered Questions SACO9

We are an artistic duo or agrupation that want to apply, can we?


R: Unfortunately it is not possible to apply as a duo or group, because our bases and financing lines require individual artists; in case that one individual of the duo or group apply and is selected, the companion(s) must fund their transportation inside the region, food, accommodation and travel to Antofagasta (the one who applied will be the only one remaining as an artist in our registry).


Can I put my piece of art outside the pier?


R: No, your project must be designed to be mount and exhibited only above the structure of the historical pier.


Should I start working on the art piece after I arrive to Antofagasta or some of the project can be advanced before?


R: When you are selected as winner of the open call, the organization team will contact you to begin the steps forward in the development of the art piece. The ideal scenario is that the work is advanced by the time you arrive in Antofagasta


Can I send more than one project?


R: Yes, but you have to apply multiple times, each one with a different project.


What can I do if my passport is pending?


R: If your passport is pending, you should send documentation that accredits you will obtain it before your travel to Antofagasta, in case that you would be selected.


What countries can enter Chile without a passport?


R: The countries can enter Chile without passport, only with the respective national identity document, are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.


If the form is telling me that there is an error with my apply, what can I do?


R: We suggest to check if the internet connection is working appropriately. If the error continues, wait some hours and try it again. The form could present errors if the apply is made during the last days of the process, because there is a massive amount of projects being received. For that reason, we suggest to not leave it for the last moment.


I live outside of Chile, how long do I have to apply?


R: The closing date for applying is at 24:00 of March 5th, Chile Summer Time (CLST)